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Countryside living in Algarve Portugal

Countryside living in Algarve Portugal


The Algarve offers quiet rural areas mostly untouched, yet close to everything the more 'touristy' southern Portugal has to offer...

The Algarve offers quiet rural areas mostly untouched, yet close to everything the more 'touristy' southern Portugal has to offer. Thanks to an excellent road system, you can get to any point quickly, from some of Europe's most popular beaches to golf courses and 5-star restaurants.

The Algarvian countryside is still a well-kept secret, with small villages and towns further inland that have fewer people, but loads of reasons to stay a bit longer. Or maybe forever, for those looking for a lifestyle to be enjoyed without haste!

Slow-living for a healthier lifestyle

As you journey further inland in the Algarve, time seems to beat slower and the landscape is slowly transformed with the colours of unspoiled nature. Many of the locals still pick fruits and vegetables directly from their backyards and while driving through the smallest "aldeias" you’ll find farmers who sell some of this region’s best products. Some of which make Algarvian cuisine so special, from the sweet oranges of Silves to almonds and figs from the north-east, or the famous "aguardente de medronho", a traditional fruit brandy made from the fruit of the Medronho tree.

Portugal Realty Algarve oranges

Nature's generosity allows for a healthier and laid-back way of life, with plenty of fresh air to enjoy the outdoors all year long. This is a perfect place to meander the cobblestone streets of historic villages, where you’ll easily find a friendly neighbour to practice your Portuguese.

If you prefer to hike in the silence of the dirt paths, discover the various walking trails available, an ideal option to get lost in the landscape of this region, which can only be discovered with time.

Rural Algarve offers a breathtaking landscape, between the mountains and the sea, surrounded by greenery where the occasional goats and sheep wind between the valleys whilst a shepherd waves us a friendly "bom dia".

The peace and quiet of inland Algarve is a perfect backdrop to explore the Portuguese countryside while listening to the chirping of birds or gazing the stars in the night sky.

Nestled between the mountains

This region also offers a wonderfully mild climate, with the Monchique and Caldeirao mountains creating a natural barrier from the cold winds of the north, sheltering the lowlands of the coast.

Serra do Caldeirao, the largest mountain range in the Algarve, stretches from the Ribeira de Odelouca to the rugged plateaus of northeastern Algarve. From Loule to Barranco do Velho, a small village that is one of the main gates to the Caldeirao Mountains, it's a little over 20 kilometres, but the landscape is totally different as the Barrocal region begins to be replaced by the hills and valleys of the mountain.

This beautiful territory is nestled between rolling hills and deep valleys, with the green of the forests side by side with golden shades of wheat and barley fields. Watermills, haystacks, and windmills are other examples of how this region of the Algarve is so very special, reminding us of a simpler lifestyle from not so long ago.

Serra de Monchique is another mountain range in the west of the Algarve. Here you can find the Algarve’s highest point, in Foia, with 902 metres of altitude that offers a breathtaking view reaching from the Alentejo to the infinite Atlantic horizon.

Portugal Realty Serra de Monchique Foia Algarve

Rich in History and Culture

The inland of the Algarve is equally rich in history and cultural diversity. From the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Romans, to the Arabs who occupied the region for five centuries, many historical traces are still visible today in this region's architecture and traditions.

Portugal Realty Algarve pottery history traditions

Rural Algarve is an open-air museum, filled from east to west with various monuments and historical sites worth visiting time and time again.

Among these, the famous Silves Castle, one of the best-preserved in Portugal, is truly impressive. From 700 to 1200 BC, Silves was used as a strategic centre of the region, with traces of Arab occupation still visible today. Its Castle, more than a thousand years old, is strategically located on top of a hill.

Portugal Realty Silves Castle Algarve

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The Romans also left their mark on this region. Located in Estoi, in the municipality of Faro, the Milreu ruins are one of the most interesting and relevant vestiges of the Roman occupation in the Algarve. They were discovered in 1877 and still preserve a manor house, a wine press, a bathhouse, agricultural facilities, and a temple, as well as traces of old decorative mosaics.

Other sites of important historical value include the Paderne Castle, occupied by Romans and Arabs and conquered by the Portuguese in 1218, and the Church of Sao Lourenco dos Matos in Almancil, dating from the 18th century and considered one of the greatest artistic treasures of the Algarve.

Rural Algarve is a truly unique place that invites you to awaken all your senses. Delicious cuisine, bucolic surroundings, plenty of space to walk freely with our pets, and, to top it off, more affordable property prices than coastal locations. And you can get to anywhere in the Algarve with just a short drive!

Whether for permanent living or to enjoy a second home for a well-deserved holiday, there are plenty of reasons to choose the Algarve countryside to buy your dream home in Portugal!

If you'd like to know more about buying a property in the Algarve, contact our local office in Albufeira.

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