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Podcast - Nazare waves at the World

Podcast - Nazare waves at the World

This week, Dylan is joined by the Mayor of Nazare, Walter Chicharro, to discuss what makes this fishing village so unique and why Nazare has never stopped being Nazare.



Find out more about Walter Chicharro, Mayor of Nazare:

Walter Chicharro was born and bred in Nazare, Portugal, and after having studied and lived in other cities of Portugal, he shares the reasons that led him back to his hometown, having embraced the enormous privilege of sharing Nazare with the world.

As the son of a fisherman and a "peixeira", Walter's family has always been connected with Nazare, with roots dating back to the 1400’s. He is extremely proud of being a son of Nazare, a land that has been able to maintain its uniqueness despite being hugely famous for the giant waves that are formed in the North Canyon.

Because it's not just about Praia do Norte and the fantastic courage of big wave surfers from all over the world, it's about Nazare's people, its traditions and the strong connection with the sea that has captivated people from all over the world, while still maintaining its century-old culture and identity.


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Nazare is one of Portugal’s oldest fishing villages and world famous for the biggest waves on the planet.

Find out more here: Nazare - Land of Legends

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