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7 reasons to choose the Silver Coast in Portugal as Home

7 reasons to choose the Silver Coast in Portugal as Home

 Silver Coast 

Find out why so many expats consider the Silver Coast to be “the real Portugal”...

The Silver Coast is one of Portugal's favourite spots to buy a dream home or invest in a second home for the holidays. Here you will find property prices with exceptional value, as well as a lower cost of living. But rest assured that sometime less is more!

Located in the heart of Portugal, the Silver Coast offers plenty to see and do, great food and the hospitality of the locals who welcome the growing expat community with open arms.

Find out why so many expats consider this stretch of spectacular coastline to be “the real Portugal”:

1. Quality of life

The Silver Coast in Portugal consists of medium-sized towns and villages, where neighbours usually know each other and foreigners are greeted with a warm and friendly mindset. The Portuguese have a genuine love for the small things that make life better. Spending time with friends at a café, playing with your children at the beach or appreciating a slow lunch with a beautiful view are some of the many joys of day-to-day life and each community offers plenty of opportunities to indulge in this simple lifestyle. 

Here you will also find modern facilities to meet your everyday needs without the hassle and traffic typical of bigger cities. From public services such as schools or health care centres and hospitals to prosperous and dynamic local businesses, life in the Silver Coast is happier and healthier.

2. A majestic coastline

The Silver Coast offers some of the best Portuguese beaches. From the beautiful Foz do Arelho, where the Atlantic meets Obidos Lagoon, to Sao Martinho do Porto's unique shell-shaped bay and giant sand dunes, discover breathtaking strips of golden sand along a rugged coastline where the sunset is stunning.

Sao Martinho do Porto lives up to its reputation of being the best family beach in Portugal. This paradise is especially sought by families who enjoy the safe environment, small waves and various water sports such as sailing, paddle or jet skis.

In Nazare, you will find stunning scenery that embraces this fishing town's beautiful beach and unique culture. Whether you prefer spending your time at one of the many restaurants with a glass of delicious Portuguese wine, or watch the surfers who venture out into the giant waves of Praia do Norte, a visit to Nazare will awaken your senses.

If you prefer more private beaches, don't miss Vale Furado where the locals outnumber foreign tourists by far and the cliffs and coast are untouched.

The Silver Coast - Top 9 Beaches 

3. Delicious food

Food on the Silver Coast of Portugal is also one of its best trademarks. Savour the marvellous fish and seafood available at many restaurants or discover the freshest of fruits and vegetables cultivated by local farmers. You can buy any of these at the produce markets widely available throughout the Silver Coast, a land rich with green fields, small farms, vineyards and fruit trees, where plenty of sunshine and good weather make everything taste better.

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The Silver Coast - Top 12 Restaurants

4. Top value that doesn't cost a million

The cost of living in the Silver Coast is also appealing. Whether you prefer an apartment or a house, there are plenty of options with a great location and all the commodities of modern living. With beautiful countryside views or at walking distance to the beach, Silver Coast properties for sale offer exceptional value for your investment.

5. Proximity

Thanks to its central location and excellent road network, the Silver Coast allows you to easily travel anywhere in Portugal. Just an hour north of Portugal's biggest International Airport, and situated between Porto and Lisbon, the Silver Coast is close to all the main highways and railroad system.

6. Fun all year round

The Silver Coast in Portugal has a charm of its own, with mild temperatures that invite families in shorts to enjoy a walk along the beach throughout the year. From the giant waves of the North Canyon in Nazare to the cool summer breeze of the Atlantic, those who love the Silver Coast know its magical appeal all year long. There are always activities from January to December, as well as loads of events that make life in the Silver Coast as an experience worth living!

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7. Unique culture and history

Although Portugal is a relatively small country, each region has its own identity, and even the language is different, with accents and words that are true to each place's tradition.

You will find this uniqueness in Nazare, where the women proudly wear the “cachené”, a traditional headscarf, and “sete saias”, the seven skirts that represent the seventh wave of the sea, among other biblical and magical beliefs.

This amazing heritage is also present in monuments such as the Alcobaça Monastery, the first Gothic building in Portugal and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the Castle of Obidos and the small village within its walls that hosts various events all year round.

If you'd like to be a part of this simple lifestyle, please contact us! We'd love to share our experience in this beautiful region of Portugal and assist you in finding a property for sale in the Silver Coast


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