In Alfeizerão you will find many examples of what it is like to live in a traditional Portuguese village. From the Santo Amaro chapel square, where traditional festivities have taken place for centuries, to the restaurants and pastry shops where locals get together to talk about the weather or enjoy a slice of "Pão de Ló". In Alfeizerão, time beats to the rhythm of the church bells and the sunset over the beach hills on the horizon…

Centuries ago, Alfeizerão was a land of the Moors, who from the top of the castle walls would defend the estuary that led to the Atlantic. Old illustrations show how the sea used to reach here, and manuscripts record the existence of an ancient port. This was also one of the reasons the Cistercian Monks populated this region and promoted its agricultural development in the 14th century.
Today, only ruins remain of the old Alfeizerão Castle, and there are no vestiges of the sea that retreated to São Martinho do Porto. However, Alfeizerão remains a fertile land, not only in soil that helps local farmers produce some of the best apples and pears in Portugal, but also in authentic traditions that make this village a national icon.
Known especially for its famous "Pão de Ló", today it is still a tradition for Portuguese families to detour from the A8 motorway purposely to visit one of the local pastry shops and taste a delicious slice of this famous sponge cake, with its characteristic creamy centre.
In the green fields surrounding the village, you can breathe fresh air while hearing the occasional seagull in the distance, as the beach is only a few minutes away. But this is merely one of the reasons why so many people enjoy living in Alfeizerão! Here you will find supermarkets, banks, pharmacy, cafés, a health centre, shops, a school and even a monthly outdoor market where you can buy everything from cheese to traditional handicrafts. At the Mercado Municipal of Alfeizerão, which only closes on Mondays, you are spoilt with a choice of fruits and vegetables from local producers, flowers, a butcher shop, and even fresh fish sold with a smile by D. Júlia!

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What's nearby?

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Popular Tourist Spots

  • Famous pastry shops who produce "Pão de Ló de Alfeizerão"
  • 16th Century Parish Church (recently rebuilt)
  • 16th Century Manueline-style Pillory 
  • Taberna do Fado (live Fado dinners)


  • São Martinho do Porto
  • Gralha
  • Salir do Porto
  • Salgado
  • Nazaré


  • Mercado Municipal (Farmers, fish and meat market)
  • Monthly outdoor market
  • Alfeizerão Public Health Centre
  • EB1 Alfeizerão (public elementary school)

Pão de Ló de Alfeizerão… a century-old tradition

Pão de Ló de Alfeizerão originated from an ancestral recipe made by the nuns who lived in the Monastery of Santa Maria de Cós, in Alcobaça.
According to a legend, Pão de Ló de Alfeizerão is the result of an "accident" involving the King of Portugal, D. Carlos I (1863-1908). During one of the King's occasional visits to a friend's house in Alfeizerão, he was served undercooked Pão de Ló with a moist centre because it was removed from the oven too soon. The King loved the result so much that, from that moment on, the few ladies in Alfeizerão who knew the ancestral recipe changed the baking process on purpose so that the cake's centre would always be creamy.
Today, you can savour the famous "Pão de Ló de Alfeizerão" in one of the local pastry shops: Casa de Pão-de-Ló de Alfeizerão, Café Ferreira, Pastelaria Castelo and Pastelaria Cinderela.

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