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High living standards but low cost of living - Portugal enjoys a high standard of living including excellent healthcare and education systems, yet it remains one of the least expensive countries in Western Europe.

Daily items such as food, wine and coffee are of excellent quality, a typical lunch or “plate of the day” will cost you from 7 to 10 euros per person and a single expresso coffee starting at 65 cents.

Public transport is subsidised with education and healthcare essentially being free, there is a small administrative fee payable when registering for school and hospital visits.

Good food - Portuguese people may have strong opinions on politics and football but there are subjects that Portuguese people never disagree on and that is; good food, good wine and good coffee. Portuguese people prefer good old-fashioned home-cooked meals and prefer not to eat fast food. It is common for Portuguese families to eat home-cooked meals in a local village restaurant on a daily basis. It is often more cost effective to eat in the local than to cook a meal at home and common to find the regulars sat at their favourite table on most days.

Portuguese have a passion for food which is simple and pure, they believe that fresh ingredients make good food and will typically not use any sauces to disguise or enhance flavours. A lunchtime meal will begin with a plate of soup followed by the main course, which will include a meat or fish plate followed by a simple desert and finished off with a coffee.

All regions of Portugal have their preferred dishes but as a general rule the coastal towns will be more inclined to lighter meals especially grilled fish and as you go further into the interior there is a preference for meat, with black pork being considered a delicacy. There are traditional Portuguese dishes which are typical to the entire country including especially Bacalhau which is salted cod. It is often said that there are over 365 different recipes for preparing Bacalhau, one for each day of the year.

Coffee shops and restaurants - Village life for Portuguese families gravitates to the local coffee shop and restaurant, simply referred to as “o café”. It is at the “café” that villagers will meet to catch up on local gossip, read the newspaper and discuss football.

The “café” is an intrinsic part of Portuguese life, so much so that it is often said; “Where there are 5 or more houses you're guaranteed to find a café.”

These coffee shops serve coffee, wine or alcohol and double up as the local restaurant. The restaurants are often a family business with mum or gran in the kitchen cooking real home-cooked meals and the rest of the family taking care of the front-of-shop.

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Climate - Portugal's climate is considered temperate with over 300 days of sunshine.

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