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New Build Specialists

New Build Specialists

New Build Specialists


Portugal Realty's team is specialized in helping foreign investors buy new build properties in Portugal.


Our experience of more than 20 years allows us a deep knowledge of what international clients are looking for:

  • Quality construction;
  • Great locations;
  • Professional service before, during and after construction;
  • Flexibility in finding solutions tailored to the needs of each client;
  • Completion on time and on budget!

Buying new build property in Portugal has become more popular in recent years because it offers various benefits:



Benefits of our key-in-hand solution:


1 - The dream

Select your location of choice and architecture design


2 - Customisation

Choose the materials and finishes according to your personal taste and needs


3 - Engagement

Accompany the construction step by step, through progress reports and photos


4 - Peace of mind

Know that your home will be built with the latest technology and construction methods


5 - Secure investment

Pay for the construction in phases and save in the future with energy-efficient solutions


6 - Complete Service

Relax. From design to licensing, we take care of each step on time and on budget


7 - Guarantee

Benefit from a 5-year construction guarantee and hassle-free after-sales services




Financing new build properties in Portugal


Portuguese banks also view key in hand projects in a positive light as the cost of the construction is secured in a contract with a licensed Portuguese building contractor. The process for applying for a mortgage is the same as the application for a loan on the purchase of an existing house.


Also, Portuguese valuators are accustomed to valuing pre-construction projects and banks have a formal structure to manage the drawdown of payments as the construction progresses.



We have assisted thousands of families in finding a property for sale in Portugal tailored to their dreams. Contact our team and we will be happy to discuss the key in hand process with you.

Gone are the days when Portuguese developers and architects decided, for us how we should experience our homes.  

Gone are the days when developers and architects decided the clients needs without consultation of the buyer. In the past buyers did not have many options when searching to buy property for sale in Portugal. Buyers were limited to built houses available for sale in Portugal, that had been designed by architects or developers who had been accustomed building property for the traditional Portuguese market. With this lack of choice foreign buyers were limited to buying existing properties that were built for a different market at a different time. Buyers were then faced with the daunting task of converting these houses to meet their own needs. 


Benefits of New Build

New build properties essentially offer three key benefits namely; Customisation, Energy Efficiency and Open-Plan lifestyle.
Today’s Portugal property buyers are looking for houses customised to their own needs and taste.
Customisation - There has been a tectonic shift in how buyers approach property for sale in Portugal. Portugal property buyers want to have a hand in how the house will be completed, customised to their own needs and taste.We customise our telephones, our cars and our furniture, so why not customise our property for sale in Portugal, to meet our own needs and tastes?