Foz do Arelho Portugal - A land of contrasts

Foz do Arelho Portugal - A land of contrasts

 Silver Coast 

Foz do Arelho is one of the best-known places on the Silver Coast and a favourite spot to buy a house in Portugal.

Have you ever thought about how the best things in life are so simple? There are places in Portugal that have kept this simplicity, and left unchanged what makes them special.

The Silver Coast of Portugal is such a place, a land full of contrasts and in the Foz do Arelho they all come together in perfect harmony:


If you walk along the wooden walkways at the northern entrance to Foz do Arelho you can see the coastline where Obidos Lagoon meets the Atlantic Ocean. This beautiful location is a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset.

Life in Foz do Arelho is all about being in harmony with our surroundings:

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Mussel-fishermen fish by hand or with "bateiras", the traditional wooden boats used to preserve the lagoon's vegetation and wildlife. This is a place rich in biodiversity, where species such as royal ducks or flamingos can be spotted from the beach or at one of the bird watchpoints along Obidos Lagoon.

From small villages such as Nadadouro to the busy beachfront, don't be surprised if you are greeted with a warm "bom dia" and a smile at each location. The Portuguese's genuine hospitality is reflected in the simplest gestures of everyday life in Foz do Arelho.

This beautiful region of Portugal is also known for its freshness. In a delicate balance between the land and the sea, the traditional Portuguese food served at the many restaurants in Foz do Arelho offer simple ingredients cooked to perfection. Traditional delicacies include fried eels, cockles with garlic and parsley, and local clams sprinkled with olive oil and fresh lemon juice — all hand-picked in the salty waters of Obidos Lagoon and seasoned with love.

Whether you prefer adrenaline-filled surfing or water skiing on Foz do Arelho beach, or a calmer paddleboard or canoe ride, there is plenty to do for all those who love the sea, regardless of your age and lifestyle.

Despite being a very popular tourist spot in the Silver Coast, especially during the summer, Foz do Arelho maintains all the charm of a traditional Portuguese seaside village. In the various events hosted all year round and at local cafés, you’ll find various examples of century-old traditions that the locals love to share with all those willing to embrace this wonderful lifestyle.

A home in Foz do Arelho is a perfect option for anyone wanting all the pleasures of living near the sea, in the heart of a tranquil community in sunny Silver Coast Portugal.

Whether you prefer an apartment with sea views or a beautiful modern villa, close to the village centre and just a short stroll from the beach and Obidos Lagoon, discover our properties for sale near Foz do Arelho Portugal.

Welcome to the simple life!

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